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May 2015



Please, please when researching herbs for paganism/witchcraft, make sure you also look up its physical, botanical and chemical properties as well. Some websites seem credible but don’t put warnings about dangers of herbs/flowers/plants. Some are poisonous, some are irritants, some are abortifacient. AND NEVER INGEST HERBS/FLOWERS/PLANTS WITHOUT LEARNING EVERY POSSIBLE THING ABOUT THEM.

Thank you, this has been a PSA.



The thing with Anxiety and Depression




  • You can feel really confident in yourself but when someone comments badly on you, you begin to crumble.
  • You doubt yourself a lot.
  • Your head begins to hurt when you over think.
  • You forget to eat sometimes.
  • You get quiet around friends.
  • You break down more often
  • isolation.
  • You’re confused 
  • You don’t know why your confused because you’re over thinking all the bad decisions you’ve made in your in your life.
  • You forget your value, You forget your worth.


Alllllll of this.





i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 



Majestic creatures.

Obscure Gods: Oizys/Oizus

And Night bare hateful
Doom (Moros) and black Fate (Ker), and Death (Thanatos) and Sleep (Hypnos) she
bare, and she bare the tribe of Dreams: all these did dark Night bear, albeit
mated unto none. Next bare she Blame (Momos), and painful Woe (Oizus), and the
~ Hesiod, Theogony 211

The Greeks named many of the worst of life as Gods and Daimones, and even
today we are intimately aware of their influence in our lives. As much as we
wish otherwise, we don’t seem to be able to exist without them. Few are as all
encompassing as today’s Obscure God, Oizus, the God of Pain, Distress, Grief, and Woe.

In the Theogony we
learn that Oizus is the child of Night, and in the Works and Days we hear that the Men of the Golden Age did not know
her. In the Iliad, we read of oizus as a noun, inextricably linked with ponos
(labor). Effort brings with it suffering, particularly in the famed war.

The Romans called Oizus, Miseria.

The sources don’t say much other than to associate Oizus
with a lot of other inevitabilities. Distress is listed with Old Age, Death,
Complaint, and many of the other experiences that so many of us try to avoid.

Living with chronic pain, I try my damnedest to not allow
Oizus to lead me towards Momus nor to Envy those who seemingly aren’t in pain.
I remind myself that everyone hurts, and that everyone’s pain is unique to
them. It may not be obvious pain, but we are all intimately aware of Oizus’
play in our lives. And yet, the experience of pain has led us to some amazing
advances in medicine, in self-care, in every aspect of our society.

I try to take that lesson and allow it to guide me towards
the insights of a different Goddess altogether, Eleos, who inspired this series
in the first place, and who, I think will finally get her due next week.

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Image Source: Hector Brought Back to Troy, part of a sarcophagus,
currently in the Louvre.



Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

We are all intuitive beings and we are all born with the same intuitive abilities, it is just that some people have had more practice.

Your intuition already…

One Simple Exercise to Increase your Intuition

It is literally impossible to save money when you are poor.



One more time for those in the back: 

It is literally impossible to save money when you are poor.

This isn’t because of bad planning or irresponsibility. It is because everything costs money all of the time, poverty is engineered by capitalism, and being poor is fucking expensive. 

I’ll never forget the time when my then-boyfriend told me that I should buy a $75 pair of work shoes instead of the $10 work shoes I’d bought only months ago that were already falling apart. His reasoning was that better-made shoes would last longer and I wouldn’t have to buy shoes so often. This didn’t take into account the fact that I would need that extra $65 for the power bill, groceries, gas, car insurance, etc. 

I have never been given good advice from a non-poor person when it comes to money. Ever. Because all of their advice is predicated on the idea that somehow you aren’t working hard and that money is available to you if you just want it bad enough. Non-poor people have been made to think that they are somehow just naturally good with their money, but when you ask them to think critically when it comes to money, they lose all logic.

Let me be clear: Poor people are some of the hardest working, creative, and smartest people I have ever met. We wouldn’t survive otherwise. 

Seriously. I’ve had people tell me “well, your parents weren’t very good with their money when you were younger. My parents opened a savings account the second I was born, blah blah it’s your parents fault”. Um. When your parents are skipping out on meals to eat, just so you can eat? You don’t save shit. Even couch change goes to bills when ya got it. Shit, the only reason my family has a car and a house is because my grandfather died, and not everyone can rely on stuff like that, nor do they really want to. People who grow up with money never really understand.

Asked: Do you think I am a good witch?


Without hesitation: absolutely. Remember that it takes nothing other than you defining yourself as a witch to be a witch. Remember that your practice is solely your own and, as such, you should never compare it to that of others. Remember that not every witch practices magic in the same way. Remember that while one witch may spell for every occasion another witch may only spell for extremely specially and/or desperate occasions; that one witch may spell with all the glorious, mystic paraphernalia and another witch may use the most mundane, everyday of objects and yet another witch may spell with just their mind. Remember that everyone goes through dry spells. And, let me reiterate, remember that your practice is uniquely your very own. It will grow with you and your own magical growth. You and your craft are mysterious and magical no matter how much and how grand (or not) it may be.

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