And we have all this creativity in Women’s spaces.

So why are we STILL defining womanhood solely in terms of reproductive capability? The idea that Women’s Mysteries are solely available to people with uteri is very unfortunate.

Worse, it’s reductive. We need to start either rejecting or modifying the Gardnerian maiden/mother/crone model of Female Divinity (which, let’s face it, is based primarily on a Patriarchal and cissupremacist model of womanhood) and creating our own myths.

Goddesses are creative forces. Reproductively fertile yes in many cases, but there are also Goddesses who have never, ever had a child and whose roles do not revolve around childbirth. Even of Goddesses who are Mothers, their Motherhood is not all They are.

I call Brigid, the Morrigan, Epona. I call Athene, Artemis, Hera, Persephone. I call the Horned Lady, I call Panpsyche, I call Asushunamir and Inanna. All the Ladies of my faith, knowledge and practice – to guide a transformation of Women’s Paganism to a more creative and more inclusive future.

So mote it be.