“Service is essential to the living of a magical life and the ability to listen intently to the wonders and mysteries of our universe. It is by serving the gods of tradition and mystery and lending our ear to those who may need us to listen that we inspire the world. Through our magic we cause change, and the primary change must be what occurs to the magician. And this occurs because of servitude, by working our magic for the benefit of our communities, our tribes, be these family and friends, work colleagues, or far-flung people on distant shores.

Magic teaches us to listen to the subtle forces of the universe. And it is by listening to our communities and reaching out when people are in need that we swim with deep honor and integrity.

Living a magical life is a frame of mind; it is seeing the potential in all things and being able to act on that. It is the subtle yet powerful ability to observe the natural world and see signs and omens in places that few others do. It is taking responsibility for your own actions and having the ability to respond to that when things do not go quite as planned. A magician is, above all else, humble and wonderfully inspirational. A magical life is a life that lives with magic, seeing it in all places, not just in times of great need.”

– Kristoffer Hughes
The Book of Celtic Magic: Transformative Teachings from the Cauldron of Awen

Image Credit: Nisachar @ DeviantArt