It’s not like there’s anything that explains what the day’s really for, so yeah.

Why wouldn’t we eat the cucumbers? Not eating them would be a waste…?

As with nearly all things Kemetic, I assume dick symbolism and move on.

Well, I guess that works but fertility is a lot more than just dicks.

It’s sad because I was talking about this the other day, and how this could be a big ol innuendo. But really, dicks are so much more than just “lol penis” in terms of Egyptian symbolism.

To steal from another post because I’m too depressed and lazy to type it out myself:

“If it’s something that Kemetics seem to be known for, it’s our
fixation with dicks, balls, and boobs, and for good reason! Dicks played
a rather large role in symbolism in Egyptian antiquity. Dicks were not
just symbols of fertility and growth, they were elements of power and
strength. Egyptian thought believed that the very spark of creation lay
in semen, which is spat out by dicks. Therefore, dicks were tied back to
creation, possibly even more so than a woman’s uterus. Without the
spark of creation that comes from the semen (and the dick), there would
be nothing for the womb to house. The virility of a man was in his
ability to wield his dick about, and he who used his dick the most was
king of the mountain. For more subtle symbolism, the shrine bolt that
closed up many a kar shrine was actually a representation of Set’s dick-
therefore, dicks could also protect. They were also bundled up and
buried as votive offerings underneath certain temples.

And for those whose power we wanted to remove- so too were the dicks (and hands!) removed.That way, the dead couldn’t utilize their hands in the way that Atum did during Zep Tepi and masturbate their way to rebirth“

So technically the festival could be trying to harness or encompass any of these things. I kinda feel like maybe it’s all about seizing power in Sekhmet’s name, but we don’t really know at this point.