I know there is a mentality in the pagan/magic/religious/mystic community on tumblr that says that the more you share about your spiritual life, the more valid your practice is. This community will tell you that if every third post on your blog is not related to your religion, that you’re a fake devotee. This is bullshit.

You are under no obligation to tell anyone ANYTHING about your religious life. I understand that it’s often beneficial to share your thoughts and concerns with others in order to see things from a more objective point of view. It helps to learn when you have other people acting as a sounding board. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But keeping things to yourself is not a bad thing either, and it certainly doesn’t make you any less devoted to your religion or gods if you decide not to disclose particulars of your faith. You do not have to prove your credentials by posting every single dream you have, by discussing every possible sign from your god (no matter how improbable). Hell, you don’t have to even talk about your religion publicly if you don’t want to. By all means, if this is your thing, do so. But don’t let tumblr convince you that it is necessary to your faith. Some things can be kept private. Some things are, in fact, better kept private. Just try to remember that.