(In honor of the Supreme Court’s decision on Marriage Equality, the next several Obscure Gods will be focusing on the Attendants of Aphrodite. Thank you for your patience as I’ve been coming to terms with a death in the family. Next week, we’ll be back on our normal schedule of Thursdays.)

Khrysothemis (Golden Justice/Custom):   A name
applied to several different figures. Theoi lists her as one of the Attendants
of Aphrodite and a Goddess in her own right.

Perseus lists the following under the name: an Argive
sculptor, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra (as seen in the stories
of Elektra), son of Carmanor, a Cretan who won a prize for singing…

As a deity, I can only offer supposition, for there is a
lack of resources on Golden Custom. (That’s why She suits the Obscure Gods
series! It proved a real challenge to even find images of Her.) Khrysothemis would be the Goddess of Right Action, where one’s
behavior is in line with the norms of the polis.

She is listed as a Danaid by Hyginus.

In Elektra, she is “the sensible daughter” serving
as a foil against Elektra’s wildness.

Many of those norms would strike our modern sensibilities as
barbaric and dim. But we’re rebuilding the Hellenic path in a very different
world. We no longer have to contend with many of the struggles of the ancient

Khrysothemis, I would like to think, has grown with us. I
would like to think that She is celebrating marriage equality with us today as
we move that much closer towards the Golden Justice of our belief in the
equality of all.

Gaius Julius Hyginus
Amber Jacobs. On Matricide: Myth, Psychoanalysis,
and the Law of the Mother
, Columbia, 2013. (the conclusion of the book is
framed around Krysothemis.)