Hera Gamêlia, Goddess of marriage,

Walk now with your children, 

Into churches and court houses, down aisles and lines.

White dresses, black suits, blue jeans and work uniforms,

Guide these newly weds into fulfilling unions.

Aphrodite Nymphia, Aphrodite Areia,

Hold these peoples’ hands now,

Down crowded streets, in restaurants, at work and home.

Bless them with praise and love from those around them,

Arm them with strength and conviction against those who would harm them.

Dionysus Eleuthereus, who brings us this freedom,

Dwell among your people now,

In celebration, in receptions, in speeches and loving embraces.

Let no one take this from them, let no one break their joy,

Let them revel in this victory so they may prepare for the next battle.