your magick can be strengthened by performing in liminal spaces or times, liminal meaning things that are peripheral, between, or transitional. All of the sabbats take place at liminal times, (times in which the earth is is the peak of transitional states) and liminality has long been associated with magick and power in folklore from around the world.  

Liminal places include:

  • crossroads
  • thresholds
  • beaches and the edges of forests and fields
  •  even graveyards and churches and other places where people transition from one state to another in their lives

Liminal times include:

  • Midnight 
  • Noon
  • Dawn
  • Dusk

other liminal things include:

  • water
  • fire
  • eggs
  • seeds (especially if they are transitioning into sprouts)

I have thoughts about liminal spaces. I like this.

There are many spells that only work during liminal time or spaces, too.