Girls, if something about a guy scares you or makes you uncomfortable, get away from him as fast as possible. Listen to your instincts. Don’t make excuses. Just run.

Because like a thousand people have felt the need to add comments like “Boys, if a girl scares you” or “People, if a person scares you” and “this goes for everyone” and “this shouldn’t be gender specified” I am going to make it very clear that this post is for girls


Why? Because girls are socialized to not be rude, not ‘be a bitch’, to not hurt a man’s feelings, and that they’re being silly and overreacting if something they can’t explain makes them afraid. Because girls are preyed on by men who use every one of these things to their advantage, who lure girls into their control and molest them, rape them, beat them, and kill them. Because it happens every fucking day and girls need to know that if something feels wrong, they need to get the fuck away from that man.

You don’t like that this post is gendered? I don’t like that girls are abused and date raped and murdered every fucking day and they are STILL pressured to “give him a chance” when a man makes them uncomfortable. So get off your pretentious fucking high horse and support girls instead of telling me “this goes for everyone”.