Are you doing a purge? That is, was there some unsavory association with that tarot deck that prompted you to destroy it to remove that association? Then continue the destruction as safely as you can and discard the remains responsibly.

Did happenstance get to it and ruin a few cards permanently? Now you have options. If the Majors were affected, but not the Minors, you can use the Minors as a Baraja Española deck (but you’ll have to remove either the queens or the kings as well, depending on your preference). If the Majors are intact, you now have a Majors Only deck. I find using the Majors only are good for Big Picture answers and general trends of a thing over time. (1-3 cards per answer.)

If both arcanas have suffered damage, you now have an art deck. Use one or more of the remaining cards as icons for your religious and/or spiritual beliefs. Dedicate a card to a servitor and keep it in your wallet for some help on the go. Or make some cards into the physical focus for wards and tuck them in key places in your areas of physical control. (Car, room, house, desk.)

Make an art project out of them and collage away. Focal point of spells for ritual destruction. Paper craft stands. Go nuts. Unless you have done things to the deck, it is just paper and ink. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

If you have done things to the deck that elevate it above mere paper status, treat it as any other imbued tool and dispose in a responsible manner as proper for its status.