There’s something we need to talk about.

A lot of older poltheists are gunshy. Maybe not in the way you think.

I have watched a number of older friends and acquaintances shut down their blogs or stop talking about their experiences and relationships because of shit that happens. Not things that happen between themselves and their gods, mind. Things that happen with the community. Similar experience has made me extremely hesitant to ever give details about particular areas in my life.

Here’s the gist of it: there are a fuckton of people who lie like hell. They are in it for power and prestige and position. They are in it to control you, and in it for your praise. There are people who trawl around through the blogs of other polytheists and harvest experiences and data, then turn around and utilize that data to present themselves as experts, and use that presentation to manipulate the hell out of you. Yes. Well-known blogs. I’m not going to name them, but you might be able to fathom a guess, and yes, well-known polytheists have shut up or outright deleted their blogs to try to stop the data harvesting and subsequent abuse, and some of these same people have badgered people via email looking for information to harvest to their advantage, only to receive silence in reply once people have caught onto them.

Be skeptical. Don’t trust people simply because they are presented as authorities. I have horror stories regarding Heathen “authorities”. A lot of people are not out to help you or make things easier for you, but to control you and feed into their egos. This is true in many areas of life, but especially in the religious community,

A lot of the people you want to talk to are avoidant as hell because they have bad experiences of predators weaponizing their words to prey on people. A lot of the people who are easily accessible are looking to prey on you. Be cautious. Be skeptical. Protect yourself.

I wish this were not true, but it is very true.

Discernment needs to go beyond just the gods. You have to discern when interacting with humans, too. Not all people are good people.

Yep. I fight the urge to shut down and withdraw a lot.