Perhaps due to my extended interaction with older, gruff, and jaded witches, I began witchcraft immediately rejecting “the fluff” and being determined to be the “realest” and “most traditional” witch I could be.

To me, “fluff” was love, light, dancing around maypoles, giving blessings, and in general doing things I thought were embarrassing.

And then for two years I went through witchcraft hell, shoved face-first in to the darkness and hardship I placed on a pedestal.

Why in the world did I do that to myself? It is simply untrue that the “dark” way holds more truth or power. There are just as much ignorance and weakness coming from ‘hardcore’, ‘gritty’ witches as there is from the airy-fairy, love-cures-all group. 

I guess my point is… don’t let other witches try to convince you that hardship, the dark side, difficulties, or whatever, are the only real ways to practice witchcraft. Witchcraft can be beautiful, easy, and gentle. It isn’t all hard edges and snarling animals.