A Map of Loss: The AIDS Quilt Goes Online

Over the last 25 years, families and friends of those who have passed away from AIDS have contributed 6’-by-3’ panels – about the size of an average grave – to a giant tapestry known as the AIDS Quilt. Today that quilt is, in a literal sense, monumental, its size a testament to the disease’s toll. With nearly 50,000 panels, it weighs more than 53 tons and would cover 1.3 million square feet were it ever to be displayed all at once. It is said to be the largest piece of community folk art in the world.

The quilt is now on display in its entirety on the National Mall. But “in its entirety” does not mean “all at once.” The quilt is too big for the Mall to hold. Instead, droves of volunteers cycle the sections on and off the lawns.

But there is one place you can see the quilt all together, all at once. And that’s online.

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