It really depends on which polytheism you want to worship under, there’s more than one set of gods o:

If you’re looking for hellenic polytheism (zues, hera, appollo, hades, poseidon, etc etc etc), I recommend soloontherocks HP resources page or the website Baring the Aegis for a good overview of how to get started.

Heavily support Baring the Aegis as well. Elani is a sweetie and her resources are very helpful! Keep in mind she’s more of a strict Rcon though.

tau-space this should prove helpful: Start at the top, and there’s also a book list at the bottom. 

I have a resources page as well, though Jezz’s is better organized and more complete. 

Kharis by Sarah Kate Winter is a book that’s basically what you’re asking for – a beginner’s guide to Hellenismos. At least, that’s what I hear; I haven’t read it myself. 

If you have any specific questions, I’m happy to answer anything I can or to direct you to other people if I can’t.

<snipping my resource list for length>

Oh gawrsh, thank you for tagging me! I would describe my blog these days as having a strong Mountain Mother/being lit on fire/being an enormous disaster and calling it devotional focus. 🙂

Also everyone should follow oncebittentwiceborn if they want awesome QPOC neohellenic analysis and devotion. They are mostly Dionysian but also have been working with a possible syncretized Aphrodite-Babalon figure that they could tell you much more about than I could. Also they are my dearest bro and we do a lot of magic together and I love them.

YES, GODS DAMN, I only didn’t mention them because I wasn’t sure if they were busy.

Which I could have just asked, but I was dumb.  OBTB is a great resource for QPOC polytheist, Hellenic, chthonic stuff, and they are also one of the minds behind the trans-rite devoted to transgender ancestor work.