It honestly bothers me when people make Hades out to be this meek, spineless man than Persephone essentially just disrespects and walks all over.

If you know anything about either deity, those are both incredibly inaccurate. They are equal to one another. They have love and respect for the other. Persephone wanted to rule as Hades equal, she did not express a desire to rule OVER him.

Hades having respect for Persephone, Hades valuing his wife, that does not make him weak, it does not make him a pushover, it does not make him a “bitch” as I have seen a few people say. And Persephone wanting to be equal to her husband, wanting to be treated like his wife and queen, does not make her a man stomping, power hungry tyrant.

Hades is a powerful, just god. He is often times patient and thoughtful, but he is still feared and respected. Hades rules over an entire world, a realm many of the Olympians cannot even speak of without some form of fear and anxiety taking over. Hades is a god, a king, a judge, a husband, a father. While he respects his wife, while he loves her, while he listens to her, I do not believe he would allow her to treat him as if he is less than dirt.

Just as Persephone is strong willed, so is he. You are not earning Persephone’s favor by belittling her husband.