stumbled into the attention of gods you never really believed in until they had their talons and claws deep inside you, scratching and marking you as theirs in a way as ancient as humanity itself

you spend hours scribbling down the counsel of gods who touch your soul, meditating on broken, disjointed whispers and images surfacing from the depths of your mind, the gods’ divine counsel flickering in and out like a faulty lightbulb in a dimly lit room, you struggle and strain to find meaning through the strobe-lighted, dusty air

in another time you might have been called holy but in this age you are only called strange. you are a relic from a different time; the devotee new and improved, now with an iPhone and automobile. your crystals and incense and tarot cards sit next to DVDs and Pokémon merch, you provide offerings of Coca-Cola and potato chips, all the riches of a modern era where the gods are all but forgotten

‘sacred’ used to mean gilded and quiet and sterile, unreachable -to commune with the gods was a privilege for the wealthy and powerful- but now the earthly perks are gone and so are the limitations. the gods select who they please, from under the high school bleachers smoking a joint or sitting in the pews during Sunday morning Mass, from the gutters or the libraries or sitting alone in a cheap bug-infested apartment late into the night, they find you and let you know those old stories are true, they are here 

and oh, do they ever have plans for you.

I’ve read many posts about gods in the modern era but where are the posts for the humans they snatch up?

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