(So sorry I haven’t been doing these. It has been a really grueling month and a half since my mother passed. Anything I could have written up for the Obscure Gods posts would have been no good to anyone.) 

Ieso is the Goddess of recuperation. I’m not feeling so
great today, so I’m focusing on what I hope to find. She’s one of the daughters
of Asclepius and Epione (Goddess of Soothing), and had five sisters, each
ruling over some element of healing and health. Earlier this year I had
relatively intensive surgery with complications during my recovery, and oh, how
I wish I’d thought to reach out to this wonderful Goddess. She was associated
with many modalities and cures. She gave her very name to the physicians of
ancient Greece who were named iatros.

Most of the surviving mentions of Her discuss Her in
relationship with Her father and sisters.

The town of Trikkala says that Iaso was born there and that
there She remained.  

In the fifth century B.C. She is described as the child of
Amphiaraus. It seems  that at the time, She
was an independent Goddess who is eventually accepted into the family of



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