If you are a witch, and think you cannot afford herbs, crystals, or essential oils  PLEASE visit these sites!! 

Spirit Apothecary

It is BY FAR the best out of any place I’ve seen! Don’t go on Amazon, don’t go on Etsy.  Those sites are grossly over priced.  I see a lot of people trying to sell stuff for WAY MORE than it’s worth and it really makes me mad.  

I mean, $2.50 for an ounce of Lavender flowers from France! 

OR go to Mountain Rose Herbs. You can save $1.00 by buying lavender there.  (They sell it for $9.00 for 4oz.)  They’re prices for herbs are great, too! 

Spirit Apothecary has better prices for essential oils though- for example: Bergamot Essential Oil is $8.00 @ S.A. for 1/3 oz.  it costs $16.50 @ M.R.H. for ½ oz.  That’s over twice the price, but you don’t get twice as much, so I get all essential Oils at S.A.

MRH doesn’t sell, crystals, but SA does.  They are good quality and by far the most inexpensive.  Also they both have a facebook page.

If you really want to buy herbs, oils, and crystals, but think you can’t afford them, PLEASE, PLEASE check these sites out!!

And a lot of herbs are sitting and just waiting in your kitchen… just saying.