I define miasma as the negative and base thoughts and actions I’ve taken throughout the day. Being angry and someone or something, being depressed, self-indulgent or very X-rated fantasies and the like. Miasma isn’t “bad” to me; it’s natural. It can’t be avoided and to try and do so is foolish because you cut yourself from enjoying life. You don’t know joy without sorrow, peace if you never know war, etc. I’m a big balance person.

It can, however, cause me to be a bit more distant with the theoi. If I’m thinking about myself and my wants, it kind of hard to try and be more balanced and keeping the Theoi in mind ya know? So to me, miasma can cause you to become more distant with the theoi if you indulge in it for too long and/or too often. Which makes me personally feel even more alone in the wold and bitter and a cycle starts. A very bad cycle for myself personally. I have past issues that evntually lead to a mix of a self-isolation and self-indulgent streak where I do nothing and freeze myself. I’m kind of in that issue right now honestly… >.>

As for how I take care of it? It depends. I try and do kernips twice a day. I offer incense when it feels right (same with some food stuffs as well that are my favorite). I write hymns and poems, make aesthetics and pay attention to the little things to remind myself of the Theoi. And I always keep my Lady Artemis’ core lesson to me in mind; you must work towards what you wish. You cannot sit back, pray and expect it to be handed to you for nothing. It’s hard, especially when I am mentally where I am right now but I’m trying bit by bit. Even if others don’t see any progress I know my Theoi do and are waiting for me.