For all our deep and very meaningful religious experiences, and for all our educated and reasoned thinking about them, the Gods remain a mystery.  If there is such a thing as heresy in contemporary Paganism, it is thinking that we know all there is to know about the Gods.  It is in the mystery that we find enchantment.  We know just enough to recognize that our experiences are meaningful and helpful, but the mystery points us toward something deeper, something magical, something holy. […]

Paganism is not Christianity – we are not divided into believers and non-believers.  If you come to a devotional ritual I’m not going to ask if you think the Gods are individuals or aspects or metaphors.  I’m just going to ask you to respectfully pour an offering.  I wouldn’t begin to tell you how to interpret your experience.  I would just encourage you to be humble enough to accept that you will never fully understand the mystery.