Is it disrespectful to talk to the gods like they’re your friends or is that a nono? Like can I say, “YO APOLLO HOW’S EVERYTHING GOING UP THERE! HOW’S THE SEX FEEL FREE TO SAY HELLO MAN ILY” or “HADES, MY MAN, I BET YOUR EXCITED FOR FALL! YOU GET TO SEE PERSEPHONE SOON!!!” because idk I’m not good at speaking formally but I don’t wanna get smoted(? Smited? Idk) for being unintentionally rude to the dieties

As others have said–it is really up to your relationship with them and what god/dess it is. It also depends if you’re looking to be a reconstructionist or not. If you’re looking to be recon–no way, there’s ceremonies and hymns and ways to pray and all sorts of things.

If not–do what works for you, honestly. I have found even though I don’t have a godphone (easy connection with the gods) they are quite clear about what is and isn’t acceptable.

For me reverence isn’t tied up in the language but the intent behind the language and your actions. Hermes tends to get a lot of nicknames (for instance) and I veil on my devotional workouts for Athena with a horrifically tacky baseball cap (with a causal “Yo, this one’s for you, Lady Athena” as I slap it on) and my prayers to Hestia are really more chats while I clean or cook but it’s what works for me and I have not been smote. I’ve been smacked down if I fuck up, sure, but it has never once been over language or the casualness of my worship practices.

Be reverent but you don’t have to couch it in fancy language if that’s not how you work. Just do the basics right and you’ll be fine. If you’re feeling really uncomfortable over it you can use hymns and poems that have been written while praying (at least in the introductions/outros) and use their proper epithets and titles when addressing them.