Don’t dedicate yourself to a deity until you know for sure that you want to. Everyone has doubts from time to time, but you need to be pretty positive when you make that decision. Making promises and oaths to deities isn’t something to be taken lightly. Really take the time to consider it before committing. Think about it for at least a few months (preferably longer) before putting together some kind of dedication ceremony. 

If you’re still having doubts, wait. Keep working on the relationship you have with your deity. If you’re considering devoting yourself to them, then they know you love them and will wait for you to make that decision. 

You don’t HAVE to devote yourself to deity though. If you don’t ever feel like it’s something that’s right for you, don’t do it. 

I hope this helped!

I have a special tag #Deity dedication where collect links/quotes/reblogs regarding this topic…

And: It’s like being in love, honestly. Once you are ready, really you just know that the time is right…