I think one of the hardest things with worshiping a pantheon that originates from a different continent is that some of the animals and plants aren’t prevalent over here. Thus making it difficult to tell if seeing an animal close to what the original one is (like a coyote instead of a jackal or a North American Hawk or a bobcat instead of a lynx) is a sign or something special. 

I mean, I suppose that’s what UPGs are for or just a religion becoming personalized to the worshiper (by that, I mean just the person forming their own associations through practice). Still. It’s difficult. By no means am I saying that this discourages me from continuing this path, because I plan to stay kemetic until I die, but just some reflection. 

So Dver has a post about this like a million years ago and it helped me to see my gods in the world around me. Though I find their stance on a lot of shit highly problematic, the point in entry is good: https://forestdoor.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/deepening-recon-locally/

ymmv, of course

I’m not a reconstructionist, but that Dver post is a worthwhile read in the light of all this local cultus resurgence. tagging queenofswords opalborn in case you’ve not already seen it.