It doesn’t matter how you were introduced to the gods. It could have been bedtime stories, video games, or even Percy Jackson. As long as you worship the gods and make efforts to worship them with the respect that they deserve, you are still a good Hellenic Polytheist.

Popular culture interpretations of the gods are okay to incorporate into your practices. Times change and we learn new things. But make sure that it is consistent with the rest of how that god has always shown itself.

Just remember that there are levels of canonical representation. Evidence and facts from the Homeric Hymn to Demeter will be considered more reliable than the 2009 short story introducing Haides’ and Persephone’s daughter Mesperyian. Check your facts! It’ll make you feel silly to realize that you thought that the story of Menthe was longer than it was, but it’s better than stating things as fact and being proved wrong.

Be aware that sometimes people may judge you for things like this. They may fall further on the reconstructionist side than you, which is okay. We all worship the gods differently and see them differently. 

You walk a fine line in this community, accepting both modern portrayals and historical ones and finding the truth between them. It’s a lot of work, and you should be proud of that. Your practices are valid and you are valid. 

(Just please be patient with the rest of us when we don’t understand some of the pop culture representations of our deities.)