An ear stela, calling upon Ptah Mesedjer-Sedjem,“the Ear Which Hears.”

This one is housed in the British Museum. Quote the photographer:

44 ears are carved on this stela, originally coloured red and blue. The pictures and writing complement each other: the images are of human ears and the vertical text is a hymn to the ears’ owner, the god Ptah: “Praises to the spirit of Ptah, lord of truth, great of strength  the Hearer.” “The Hearer” (s+d+m) is written with an animal’s ear and a phonetic complement (m). The bottom line records that the stela was made for the miller Mahwia, who dedicated it to encourage Ptah to hear his prayers.

Sounds like just the sort of heka I am needing.

The more ears, the stronger the divine wi-fi signal is 🙂

Last year at Retreat* there was a discussion on hearing Netjer and what to do when you feel disconnected.. Wasi and Ibu made amulets with ears drawn on them. I imagine this was at least some of the inspiration.

*Annual House of Netjer gathering for Wep Ronpet