This is a revivalist rant inspired by fundamentalist Christians bashing my gay trans brother, but it goes for everyone, mmkay?

You are responsible for your religion.

You are responsible for the morals you take from it, for the ways it impacts your life and those around you.  You are responsible for the way you choose to practice.  So often I see Christians using religion to justify their homophobia and sexism, or folkish Heathens using their religion to justify racism, but it isn’t Christianity or Heathenism that’s causing pain to other people; it’s the people who choose to interpret them that way.

(Heathens and Christians: I am sorry I used you as an example.  Y’all have some pretty weird compatriots and they were the most obvious examples I could think of right now, but that doesn’t reflect on you, just on your weird compatriots.)

Many religions have their roots in very old cultures, with completely different customs and ideals than the ones our culture today follows.  That holds true for us polytheistic types as much as it does for Christians.  The Old Testament contains many things that are outdated and appalling in the culture of today.  The myths and stories of Hellenic Polytheism come to us via an incredibly sexist and archaic culture.  

You are responsible for how you choose to bring your religion into the present.

Old stories and old religions contain justifications for violence, slavery, racism, sexism, and a gigantic slew of problems that our culture today is still overcoming.  That doesn’t make them bad, but it does mean that we should always be conscious of what we’re choosing to keep as vital to the religion and what we’re choosing to discard as outdated and relevant only to a culture that no longer exists.  

You are responsible for your religion.  You are responsible for the choices you make, or fail to make, in bringing your religion into the present–and you are responsible for the impact those choices have on the people around you.