You can worship a deity without being devoted to that deity. You can make offerings without making oaths. It is okay. Please do not stress yourselves out because you want to make a thank-you offering but don’t want to make a lifelong commitment. Why would you need to swear oaths to say thank you? It is totally okay to just make conversation without involving vows and stuff.

Say it louder for the ones in the back

shadowglove88 great advice for us witches who haven’t decided who we want to devote ourselves to!

And remember, there’s no need to establish a formal relationship with any god, especially from a magic/witchcraft standpoint! Witchcraft can be a purely secular practice and doesn’t necessitate involving a deity at all, if you don’t want to ^^

This is great except it appears to equate being devoted with making oaths, and while I do believe that making an oath does mean/imply devotion, the inverse does not have to be the case: you can be devoted to a deity, or consider yourself a devotee, without making any oaths. (Maybe there are some traditions where you can only call yourself a devotee once you’ve made an oath or other strong commitment but it’s not universal.)

It does not equate them; it just mentions both as examples of binding commitments, just as it mentions making offerings and saying thank you and worshipping without equating those activities.