Something we talk a lot about in the pagan community is hearing or feeling our gods. Some people may hear their deities in their mind – waking, meditating, or dreaming – clear as day while others may only sense vague feelings of contentment, anger, or encouragement. This communication also seems to be on a spectrum with a wide range of ways we communicate and hear our gods and some may even communicate in a multitude of ways.

I receive asks and scroll past conversations of new pagans worrying about not hearing their gods or trying to figure out how to be able to develop the ability to hear their gods. What I most often say or what others often explain is that everyone is different and we encourage new pagans to not worry about it. Some of us don’t hear or sense our deities at all and that is perfectly okay. Remember that divination methods are a great way to communicate with entities and may be a bit clearer than a simple sensation.

That being said, it’s recently occurred to me that in the past couple of years I seem to have become more in tune to sensing my deities. Over three years ago when I renewed my vigor in my exploration of paganism and my spirituality, I couldn’t make heads or tales if a deity was knocking on my metaphysical door and I certainly had no clue if a deity approved of an offering I selected for them, but today I quiet often feel soothed and comforted when I think of Morpheus and approval from Bast and amusement from Djehuty. It isn’t something I’ve attempted to make better since I primarily assumed it was what it was, yet this ability to sense our deities could be similar to our muscles in that the more that we use them the more tuned they may become.

When it comes to communicating with your deities, know that everyone is different. You may never hear your deities, you may start to immediately, or you may slowly grow closer to them. Your path is your own.