Officially, no one was able to approach the White Wolf for 25 years. Vincent Munier, wildlife photographer, spent a month alone in the extreme Artic Tundra at the very north of Canada to photograph the rare and endangered animal —known as well as the Ghost of the Tundra. About 300 km away from the nearest Inuit Village, the animals have no contact with humans and so, haven’t learnt to fear them.
After a week of searching at -47°C, a pack of nine wolves eventually appeared, curious to see what the photographer was up to. They stayed near him for thirty minutes and Munier took 3000 exceptional images.

“I was just about to go to sleep when I spotted some grey and yellow points about 5 km away moving in my direction. A few minutes later, they were right next to my tent, circling it and I photographed them for the half an hour they stayed with me. The greatest moment of my career.”

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