Often misunderstood, Dionysus is far more than a wine deity. He is the Breaker of Chains, who rescues not only the flesh but the heart and spirit from too much of worldly regulations and duties. He is a god of joy and freedom. Any uncultivated, tangled, and primal woodland is very much his domain.

Tanith Lee, The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest (via granosdegranada)

It bothers me when people forget that Dionysus isn’t just the God of wine; he also created wine, taught men how to grow grapes and make wine, is a patron to theater and the arts, is a God of rebirth and change and nature. Not just wild nature either, but human nature, and how we are little more than animals ourselves. He is the balance between man and beast, wild and cultivated, mirthful and rage. He is music, and dance, and joy. He is also sorrow, and hunger, and hangovers. To me, Dionysus is balance, actions and consequence. He reminds me to think, to decide the repercussions aren’t enough to stop me, and live anyway. He teaches me that life is pain, because life is beauty.

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