Hekate is known to reside at crossroads, particularly three
way ones. But that’s not the only place She can be found.

As a Goddess associated with the Restless Dead, she’s also
associated with graveyards. Many of the curse tablets found in graves bear her

Ancient Athens put shrines to Her in front of the household
door. She guarded the home with her influence.

Other sources tell us about a grand garden dedicated to Her,
where poisons and medicines and trees grow. So I believe one can easily welcome
Her in your yard as well.

The Hymn to Demeter tells us that Hekate resides in a cave,
so caverns can be a good place to connect with Her. And on Samothrace, Her Mysteries
took place in a cave on Mt. Zerynthia. So go forth and worship Her in the

As Hekate Enodia, She’s with you on every roadtrip.

I personally think of Her crossroads as also existing
metaphorically, meaning that She’s there when you face a tough decision.

Further, as one of the kourotrophoi, She’s in nurseries and
birthing chambers. And She lingers in hospitals and hospices as the Spirit who
guides the dead.

But I think She’s so much bigger than that. The Chaldean
Hekate is the Being who ensouls the world, and She is the source of the very
spark that makes you you.  

Image: watercolor of Hekate’s Garden: the Trees by Sara Croft/Wicket Icons (that’s me!)