Sometimes it can be hard to find an image of a God that
speaks to you. Hekate’s popularity in recent years has done a lot to mitigate
that. This is a list of my favorite icons of the Keybearing Queen, according to
cost.  I hope the links and such work.
Prices may vary over time.

Less than 20$ USD:

Magnet $5.00
– this is a small disc
with Hekate with three heads and holding two torches. Made of resin.

4 ¼" $19.00
– This is a small standing icon of Hekate Trimorphos
with two torches, snake and dagger.  A
pretty little piece (though the description from Sacred Source is terrible!)
made of resin.

Diane de Baun makes lovely
little bowls with Hekate’s Wheel
in the bottom that can serve on a shrine
for a variety of purposes. $16.75.

$50 USD or less:


Plaque by Jeff Cullen $50.00
– Jeff
was being overwhelmed by demands for custom work, and Sacred Source worked with
him to make this lovely piece. It is very much reflective of the Goddess of
Witchcraft, and a more modern take, rather than the slightly more classical
pieces here.  Made of white resin.

Plaque 6 ½" $35.00
– This is the same image as the 4.25"
version, done in a dark blue slate gypsumstone (resin).

6 ¾" $31.00
– This is the same as the previous one, but is in white
resin and is slightly larger. A lovely piece, and one I very much want to add
to my collection.

with Torches $29.00
– Based on the Running Maid image from Eleusis, this
resin statue is very Greek in design and can be used as either Hekate or
Artemis, as both are associated with that image.

Triple Goddess Plaque $50.00
– A much larger version of the other plaques,
this is a white resin sculpture. I have a variant of this that is designed to
solely hang on the wall and it is wonderful.

Trivia Plaque $32.00
– A beautiful sculpture based on a Roman seal. Hekate
holds torches, daggers, and keys. She has snakes on either side. I’ve seen some
versions of this one painted to be truly stunning.

Bear with me on this one. Marketed as a Brigid
with Column for $46.00
, it’s three young Goddesses back to back around a
column, which describes most of the surviving images of Hekate. Though the two
cultures share little enough in common, this icon could easily be used for the

with Hecate Plaque $39.00
– Cybele and Hecate share bonds via their origins
in Anatolia, and their roles in the Mysteries of Samothrace.

Hekate from Maxine Miller $35.00
(bone white resin
) or $50.00
(bronze resin)
– I have this one in
bronze, and I got ripped off! I paid $100. It’s a wonderful piece, and I
couldn’t begin to offer a full description of the symbols. This figure is
fierce and strong. She’s also tall, and heavy. My only complaint about it are
the pumpkins at her feet which feel a little halloween-y.

Goddess of Fire
– This is being sold as a Goddess of Fire, but it’s a very Hekatean

$50 – $100 USD:

Standing Hecate
– Not going to lie, as much as I can respect Oberon’s importance to
the history of Modern Paganism, I really dislike this statue. I think it’s flat
out ugly. via Abaxion (who carries some of these others as well.)

Handmade Ceramic – varies $95-100
– These are simple and unique. They come
in different colors based on the glaze that Diane de Baun has chosen. Unlike
these others, this is totally handmade.

Form Hekate (Bronze Finish) – $51. 75
– I tried to find a non-Amazon link
for this one and failed. It’s the next one on my wishlist for figures, though I
think I want it in white (below). A beautiful Hekate Triformis.

Form Hecate (white) $69.95
– I know there’s a better source of this one.
This is the same as the above but with a different finish.  

to Hekate by Diane $95.25
– I would love to have this in my home. A
beautiful and unique raku pottery shrine. She makes smaller
ones with less detail ($68.75),
but this one is my favorite.  Prices vary as they are each unique.

$100 +

Diane has a detailed
statue of Hekate for $125.75
, though to be honest  I personally prefer her shrine design.


Prints and Paintings

All that said, there’s nothing that says you have to have a
statue. There are dozens of images of Hekate around to hang on your wall.
My own shops have several, and the prices can be as low as $5.00. My most
popular, A
Thousand Lights,
comes as phone cases, pouches, mugs, as well as prints.  
and I see my original paintings
on Etsy,
though at the moment the shop is a bit bare, and the prices are a
bit higher there.

Mickie Mueller has created one
of my favorite paintings of Hekate
and provides prints for less than $20.

Emily Balivet has Hekate
prints for as little as $3.00
and her
Moon Goddess print
 (the link goes to
the big poster, which is $65) could do as Hekate as well for $15.00.

Pearl Whitecrow’s
Hekate comes in print for prices starting at $10.00

 Georgi Mishev’s lovely prints are also available $35. And they are actually on canvas. 

Shay has made some of my favorite images of Hekate. You can find his work at his website and his FB page. 

Lastly, even though it sabotages my own sales, I am a big
proponent of Her devotees making art for Her. Feel free to draw, sculpt, and
leap in with all your creative efforts. It will go over well, even if you don’t
necessarily want to share the results with others.


Images: my shrines over time.