Enchant their blankies with extra love and comfort, so they always sleep soundly.

Banish all the monsters from under their bed and in their closet, and let them help you. 

Draw protective sigils on their doll/teddy bear’s tag so that they really do fight away the bad guys.

Brush the negativity away when you comb through their hair.

Stir their breakfast clockwise to promote happiness. 

Sew sigils onto their clothes and lunchboxes just in case.

Put knot magick into the things they carry around everyday, like purses,m bows, or hoodie strings.

Show them thst you care, and make sure they know it.

I especially like the banishing the monsters in the closet one. When I was little and my dad was power washing the fence and our house, my mom told me it was Monster Begone. She said she had bought it at the store, and it lasted for ten years before it had to be redone. Then, when my brothers grew to be scared of monsters, I would start telling them about Monster Begone and how effective it was.

@laurensonfire, I will be doing some of these for Rose definitely ^_^