Oh great Witch Queen Hekate,
Mother and teacher of Kirke and Medea, great witches of myth
Oh wise one with knowledge of all drugs and herbs of the earth
Speaker of great spells and enchantments
Immortal matron of enchanters and witches alike
Hearken to my prayers
I ask that you grant me the true knowledge of the witches’ craft
And shine the light of your torches on the crossroads of wisdom
Oh great goddess of the heavens and the underworld,
To you I pray
I ask that you look upon your loyal devotee and witch and grant me my requests
As I adorn your statue and shrine with offerings of food and blood
Please grant my requests and bestow upon me the true power and wisdom of the witch.
By the moon, the torch, and the three ways, I ask that you answer my prayer.
Oh great Hekate, blessed be thy name, and blessed be thy will!