Xenia is not about how you act on your blog. Stop. That is not what that word means. It doesn’t mean friendliness; it doesn’t mean Having Nice Manners; it doesn’t mean being polite to people who are rude to you.

It means hospitality, and not in a metaphorical sense. It means being willing to help those who come into your physical space, being generous and gracious to them, being accommodating to them. And it entails equal obligations on the guest: hospitality laws apply in both directions, and someone who invades your space to accost you or be rude or hurtful toward you has already violated xenia and guest-laws. You have every right not to welcome that person into your life or conversation.

I am all for being nice to people. I am all for being gracious and helpful as much as possible. But I am not in favor of mislabeling things or of circulating the idea that Hellenic polytheism has this particular standard of behavior that can be summed up as “be nice to people on your blog because otherwise you violate xenia”. No you do not. Please stop saying this.