Some of the spells in the PGM aren’t clear exactly about Who they were meant to direct, nor to what end. A lot of them are love spells, or spells for victory in an athletic event. This one has a mix of names used as voces magicae and epithets that come from Hekate and Artemis. In light of the number of times that these two Goddesses have been conflated, it could be towards either, I think. That said, the expansive powers described at the beginning lead me to lean towards Hekate, if only in light of how they echo the descriptions of Her from The Chaldean Oracles. 

“Bear, Bear, you who rule the heaven, the stars, and the whole world; you who make the axis turn and control the whole cosmic system by force and compulsion; I appeal to you, imploring and supplicating that you may do the NN thing, because I call upon you with your holy names at which your deity rejoices, names which you are not able to ignore: BRIMO, earth-breaker, chief-huntress, BAUBO L… I AUMOR AMOR AMOR … IEA [shooter] of deer AMAMA [A MAR] APHROU … APHROU … MA, universal queen, queen of wishes, /AMAMA, well-bedded, DARDANIAN, all-seeing, night running, man attacker, man subduer, man summoner, man conqueror, LICHRISSA PHAESSA, O aerial one, O strong one, O song and dance, guard, spy, delight, delicate, protector, adamant, adamantine, O Damnameneia, BREXERIKANDARA, most high, Taurian, Unutterable, fire-bodied, light-giving, sharply armed. Do such-and-such things. (add the usual things).” 

I’m still pondering this one.