The Gods love you, little one. They love you so, so much, more than all the pebbles of the earth and all the stars of the sky. The Gods love you, you whom they called their child, you whom they embraced in stillness and light, you to whom they gave life, you whom they support and soothe and carry forward through your sorrows.

The Gods walk with you. Every day, every moment. They are in your breath, in your eyes, in your beating heart. For everything that surrounds you is a God, everything is infused with the divine, everything is interwoven and nothing is ever alone, even you, little one. The Gods will never abandon you, for abandoning you would mean abandoning themselves. Even death, your last companion, is one of them.

Breathe, close your eyes, and remember who it is by your side. You are brushing against the unspoken; eternity is in the palm of your hand. The endlessness of the universe and each of its tiny pieces is there, with you, within you. And that endlessness loves you. You, a child born of the earth and who will blow away with the wind, you are cherished by those who witnessed the beginning of time. The Gods love you, little one. No matter how many times you will need to be helped up, their love, like themselves, will never end.