• Mythic time
  • The fact that some supernatural entities have Rules that they follow for a variety of reasons including: it’s in their nature, it’s part of how they’ve interacted with humans for ages, etc. A.K.A. Why are ostensibly powerful beings repelled by iron, certain trees, or salt? What a Weaksauce Weakness!
  • That you can believe multiple things about a deity, sometimes contradictory things, and they can all be true, or false, or not quite true, at the same time
  • That just because you think someone’s practice is weird doesn’t make it invalid
  • That social ills (racism, sexism, etc.) exist in our communities because we are people who come from societies where they are part and parcel, that we are not actually “more accepting” than other traditions
  • That “tumblr Pagans” are actual people who are Pagans IRL, that many of us were Pagans before tumblr and will continue to be Pagans when tumblr is gone