“Hekate’s appearance is powerful and terrifying: she is
viewed as fully armed and girded with serpents, and of triple form and three
headed and radiating fiery light (frr ix, xvi, xviii, xix, xli, li). At a lower
level she appears with four animal heads: horse, bull, hydra, and dog (fr. xix bis).
She emits a life-generating whir (frr xxxv a &b), and from her right hip
she pours forth the wellsprings of Soul which bestows life and vital heat
throughout the universe (frr vii, x, xi, xii bis, xiv, xxx-xxxv). From her left
hip issue the virginal virtues: Faith, Truth, and Love (frr xii, xx-xxix). From
her back is suspended Nature and baleful Fate (frr xiii, xxxvi-xxxix). She also
issues human souls along with the Angels who guide men upwards and the Demons
who drag them down (frr viii, xl, xliii). At the lowest level, and associated
with her role as mistress of demons, she appears in the half-human/half-snake
form of Echidna who, along with Typhon and Python, forms an underworld triad to
match the supernal one of Hekate and the Fathers (frr xliv, xliv bis).”  – p. 131, Stephen Ronan, The Goddess Hekate, Chthonios, 1992.