**this list is from the Hellenion website and is meant specifically for members of Hellenion; however other Hellenic polytheists may find this practice to be helpful and rewarding.

On the second Saturday of each month, the community may pour a libation to one of the Theoi. This ensures that at least one day a month is shared by the Hellenic community. It also ensures that each of the twelve Olympians is honored at least once during the year, regardless of whatever else we may do to celebrate Hellenic occasions.

January :: Hera
February :: Aphrodite
March :: Hephaistos
April :: Artemis
May :: Apollon
June :: Zeus
July :: Athene
August :: Hermes
September :: Demeter & Persephone
October :: Poseidon
November :: Ares
December :: Dionysos

Hestia is given a portion of every offering made to the Theoi, so it may be considered superfluous to set aside a day for libations to her.