February15, 2015 and August 31, 2015

Kourotrophos – “Child Nurse”-

Gods: Hermes, Herakles, Zeus.

Goddesses: Artemis, Hekate, Eileithyia, Demeter,  Athene, Ge, Iphigeneia, Eleutho, Hera, Eirene.

               Anatolia: lead tablets of
               Cyprus:  Plank figures, picrolite (antigorite serpentine) pendants.
               Greek: Figures of seated
goddesses breast-feeding children.

Symbols, ancient: Torches

Symbols, modern: bowl of warm water, things for children and
young animals.

Tools of midwifery in the old world: sea sponges, olive oil,
wool bandages, pillows, birthing stool, stinky herbs (pennyroyal, earth clods,
barley groats, apples, quince, lemons, melons, cucumber). Ensuring that there’s
nothing tied or knotted in the room.

Ritual ideas: As I have no children, this will be a simple
rite, I think. Invocation to the Gods in question. Offering barley, incense,
apples, olive oil. I think I’ll make a metal tablet with an image of a Kourotrophos.
Give them simply with gratitude for their good deeds with children and young

I lift my voice unto you, o, Kourotrophoi!
I sing praises of your works,
You who stand in the birthing chambers,
Who welcome the young into the world.
Nurturing Gods,
Gentle and kind,
Hear my song, great ones!
In all your names, known and unknown.
You bring joy into the world
Into the arms of motherhood.
I life my voice unto you, Kourotrophoi!
I sing praises of your work.
 – writ by me, Sara Croft, 2015. 

T.H. Kourotrophos: Cults and
Representations of the Greek Nursing Deities (Studies of the Dutch
Archaeological and Historical Society)
Brill Academic, 1978.  

On my calendar this is happening this weekend. 🙂