You have no idea what the moon phase is

You have no idea if it is retrograde or life is just fucking with you

You haven’t attempted a spell in months

Magic probably could have helped you cope with some of the things you dealt with in the last few months

It’s been months since you opened a book on magic/witchcraft

It’s okay… it happens. Sometimes life just hits us from all directions.  There’s no pressure to be a super witch.  

Install a phase app on your phone that has a widget for the home screen

Try to incorporate mini spells, little magics with your coffee cup in the morning…stir it clockwise with your intention or draw sigils with your spoon/stirrer

Who cares if it is retrograde or not… if life is hitting you from all sides, take precautions like it is. 

Remember you are not required to open a book on the craft every week, or even every month.  You’re not always ready to start learning new things and absorbing new knowledge. Relax.