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March 2014

Last Day To Enroll for Healthcare!


Today is the last day to enroll for healthcare, and, to help you understand how the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare benefits LGBTQ people with disabilities, here are some resources I have found. 

Get Covered!



This is the page where Anne Frank talks about being attracted to women. I apologize for the shitty quality as my hands tend to shake. It says:

Sis Heyster also writes that girls of this age don’t feel quite certain of themselves, and discover that they themselves are individuals with ideas, thoughts, and habits. After I came here, when I was just fourteen, I began to think about myself sooner than most girls, and to know that I am a “person.” Sometimes, when I lie in bed at night, I have a terrible desire to feel my breasts and to listen to the quiet rhythmic beat of my heart.

I already had these kinds of feelings subconsciously before I came here, because I remember that once when I slept with a girl friend I had a strong desire to kiss her, and that I did do so. I could not help being terribly inquisitive over her body, for she had always kept it hidden from me. I asked her whether, as a proof of our friendship, we should feel one another’s breasts, but she refused. I go into ecstasies every time I see the naked figure of a woman, such as Venus, for example. It strikes me as so wonderful and exquisite that I have difficulty in stopping the tears rolling down my cheeks.

If only I had a girl friend!

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl (with an introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt) – page 130 to 131.




Crows are one of the smartest animals out here.


When humanity will go extinct crows, rats anc cockroaches will rule the world.

Why oh why did my bio-dad’s family have to get back in touch with me? Fuck. 

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