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March 2015

Gail Simone on Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle: “A Good, Rollicking Time”


DC Comics Convergence event has seen the return of several popular characters that were “benched” by the new 52 such as Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya. One of the most prominent characters that disappeared in main continuity was Barbara Gordon in her Oracle incarnation. But Oracle is back along with a pre-52 Dick Grayson as Finger Striped Nightwing for Convergence, DC’s two month event.


Not only is Oracle back, the woman who wrote her in two volumes of Birds of Prey is back writing her, Gail Simone. I chatted with Gail about her return to the character, her thoughts about Barbara and what we can expect from Convergence.

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hold up


so today is trans day of visibility if you hadnt noticed, but i just wanted to shout out to all the trans cuties who arent posting pics. maybe cause theyre not feelin it or theyre scared or they just cant, but we know you peeps are there, youre amazing and we love you


The search... by Daniel Parent


you need to unmute this, this is the best break down ever


Coyote Yellowstone N.P. (by rlw5663)


“I dont care what your gender is”

I care about your gender and I respect it.

“I dont care if you’re black yellow green pink”

I recognize your race, and your ethnicity, and I respect them to my fullest capability

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