Singing For Her


December 2014


“She just sat down on me?”


California-based artist Isaac Goodhart created this awesomely heartwarming pop culture mashup illustration that combines Shel Silverstein’s classic story The Giving Tree with Marvel ComicsGuardians of the Galaxy.

The Giving Groot“ replaces the selfless apple tree with Groot and the boy she loved with Rocket Raccoon and we desperately wish it was a real book.

[via Nerd Approved and Isaac Goodhart]


Hades & Persephone

Until philosophers are kings, or the kings of this world have philosophy, cities will never have rest from their evils.

Socrates, The Republic. (via myancientworld)


Her mom is planning on taking her suicide note off Tumblr so everyone screenshot it and post it and reblog it till your fingers bleed.



Just because it showed up in my FB feed again. I know I’m not the only person on Tumblr who’s been there, done that.

This one goes out to all my SCAdian friends…

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